Winterton Agricultural Society - Est. 1872

Private Driving Turn-Outs Schedule

Saturday the 7th of July

Open to pairs, tandems and single turn-outs driven to a suitable vehicle (show wagons and commercial vehicles are barred). All Horses and Ponies must be four years old or over.

Judged by John Dobson.

Prizes for all classes:-

  1. 1st Prize £30
  2. 2nd Prize £20
  3. 3rd Prize £15
  4. 4th Prize £10

Entry fee for all classes: Free!

The Classes

Private Driving Turn-Outs
  1. Class 66 - Non-hackney singles, pairs or tandems

    Starting at 1pm

    Any height.

  2. Class 67 - Hackney or hackney-type singles

    Pairs or tandems.

  3. Class 68 - Single turnout driven by a young driver

    To be judged on ability of driver.

  4. Class 69 - Single turnout driven to an exercise vehicle

Contact/Steward: John Hurst.

Competition Sponsored by

  • Advance Truck Components
  • Cemex
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