Winterton Agricultural Society - Est. 1872

Handwriting Schedule

Prizes for all classes:-

  1. 1st Prize £1.50
  2. 2nd Prize £1
  3. 3rd Prize 50p

Entry fee for all classes: 10p

The Classes

  1. Class 89 - Handwriting - Up to and Including Year 2

    A Little Seed

    By Mabel Watts

    For me to sow
    A little earth
    To make it grow
    A little hole
    A little pat and that is that
    A little sun
    A little shower
    And then - a flower!

  2. Class 90 - Handwriting - Years 3 & 4

    The Fridge

    by John Mole

    Into the kitchen
    At half-past three
    And straight to the fridge
    What's in it for me?
    A strawberry yoghourt?
    A sticky Swiss Bun?
    So I open the door
    There's nothing there.
    Now this is really not
    How things should be
    When you get home from school
    At half-past three

  3. Class 91 - Handwriting - Years 5 & 6

    Norman the Zebra

    By Jeremy Lloyd

    Norman the Zebra at the zoo
    Escaped and ran to Waterloo
    And caused a lot of consteration
    In the rush hour, at the station.
    He had an awful lot of fun
    Chasing folk on platform one,
    And then he ran to Regent's Park
    And hid there until it was dark,
    And thought of his keeper, Mr Prout,
    How cross he'd be, that he'd got out
    So he tiptoes to the big zoo gate
    And found he'd got there just too late.
    Poor Norman has a little weep
    And lay down in the road to sleep
    And woke up early from his rest
    With people walking on his chest.
    And someone said, I think that's new,
    A zebra crossing by the zoo.

Competition Sponsored by

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